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Kids and Baby Activities

Kids Pilates

A comprehensive program created to introduce children to the world of Pilates with the mission of developing mind-body awareness at a young age.

The goal is to teach them about the importance of posture and basic exercises that promote proper alignment and healthy joints while building core muscle strength, flexibility, stability and coordination.

Kids have great fun while discovering their capabilities using the Pilates props and equipment. They also, learn to increase their focus while doing Pilates which automatically boost their performance in school, other activities and life in general. Give your kids a healthier future.

Prenatal classes

Motion's prenatal classes give you the opportunity to support the changes your body experiences as your baby grows. Our highly trained instructors work with your individuals needs to produce relaxed and healthy mothers and babies.

Here are the benefits of prenatal yoga:

  • Improves balance
  • Increases energy and strength
  • Exercise promotes better circulation and sleep
  • Helps you to connect with your baby
  • Breathing techniques promote relaxation
  • Support from a group of like-minded ladies

Mom & Baby Classes


Babies are welcome now to join some of Motion classes.

These classes are perfect for new moms looking to lose the baby weight and to burn the extra calories with your baby comfortably next to you.

Check out for our classes with the baby sign on

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